Do you dream of a Light Sport Aircraft that allows real cross country flights in comfort? Do you need a “useful load” that’s truly useful? 
Do you want to operate from short or rough fields with confidence? 
The Flight Design CT makes those dreams reality.
Flight Design is committed to be the leader in applying modern materials, progressive design concepts and safety improvements to the Light Sport Aircraft category.        
The CT is an aircraft capable of flying non-stop from Chicago to NYC, Charlotte to Dallas, London to Frankfurt or Munich to Rome with ease.
The large comfortable cabin and excellent visibility of the CT makes all your flights more enjoyable and a better environment for learning how to fly.   
In production since 1997, more than 1000 CTs have been delivered to customers, worldwide.
By operating the CT in some of the most challenging conditions on earth, we continue to learn and improve the aircraft we make.   
The CT incorporates evolutionary improvements and popular options that make it even better for flying clubs, flight schools and private owners.
Aerodynamic improvements to the low speed handling make the CT even easier to fly.  To make the CT safer for all pilots and passengers, we now include a BRS parachute system as standard equipment on all CTs.  The popular Flight Design 3 axis trim system is now standard too.
Sport seats with headrests, more panel space, stronger landing gear and convenient door pockets, rough-field Tundra gear, Dynon Digital EFIS-EMS systems or UMA advanced analog gauge package. Garmin or Honeywell Avionic and TruTrak autopilots lets you customize a CT for your type of flying.
A German Airworthiness was first issued in 1997. The Special Light Sport Aircraft FAA Airworthiness Certificate was first issued to a CT in April 2005. Owners are impressed with the high cruise speed, low stall speed, and the giant cabin of the CT.  
The remarkable visibility of CT will give you the feeling that you are in a helicopter.