Warning: The airplane pilot and owner are fully and solely responsible for choosing and considering the correct configuration file, applicable for the explicit aircraft. If there is any possible doubt, please check with your nearest authorized distributor or, if not available, Flight Design GmbH.

Caution: The setting files offered below are only to be used for the software version they are designed for. The software version can be identified by the name of the setting file “SW X.Y….”, where “X.Y” is the software version. An upload of these files to any other software version may lead to major or significant rework at a DYNON facility. To download the SkyView configuration files relevant for your specific aircraft, please follow the links listed below. Select the correct configuration file using the link related to your specific aircraft model, and the relevant design specifics of your individual aircraft. Design specifics not identified here do not have an influence to the configuration file.

Disclaimer: Dynon SkyView configuration files will only work for upgrades from the Flight Design 6.2 Version. If you have any other versions installed, please, contact Customer Care and give the information of your aircraft serial number and avionic hardware modifications since delivery of the aircraft.

The download files are compressed zip-files containing the following data:

  • EMS unit update file
  • PFD unit update file
  • The applicable Service Instruction for the update
  • Revision 1 of the Supplement S7 to the POH

The zip file can be extracetd using any software capable to uncompress *.zip files, However there is a selection of the most common used software below: