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    While its aircraft have become well known to pilots in the USA and worldwide, a quiet corner of the manufacturing business has been growing. Recently, Flight Design USA reported another delivery of its “Law Enforcement” version of the fuel-injected CTLS, or CTLEi model, that is fitted with high-definition cameras and an in-flight-adjustable flood light. 

  Roger Crow, founder of Echo Flight Resources, LLC, has labored hard to refine the public-use Light-Sport Aircraft he represents on behalf of Flight Design USA.  “The integration of the public-use equipment payload for King’s County, California Sheriff’s Department turned out better than any of us would have imagined,” said Crow. “It is something we can all be proud of.”

    “I have been working with Kings County Sheriff Deputy, Jerry Hunter, for more than two years to secure the purchase arrangements,” reported Crow. “A great deal of time involved confirming numerous details with the County’s Board of Supervisors plus gaining approval from their Legal and Finance offices.” Crow noted that more than a dozen individuals must sign-off on these contacts and purchase agreements before the deal may be allowed to proceed to the final sale.

  Despite the long journey, Crow added, “An acceptance team from the Kings County Sheriff’s Department recently completed their inspection and received training on the law enforcement payload systems.” Department pilots also received three hours of CTLEi familiarization flight training. For more information: http://echoflightusa.com/

In a related success, Crow also reported, “A Purchase Agreement was signed for Tulare County, California to acquire their second CTLE, which will now be a CTLEi, reflecting use of the fuel-injected Rotax 912 iS engine. The agreement is expected to be presented to the Tulare County’s Board of Supervisors for approval during their county acquisition session earlier in 2015. The county has been operating a CTLE successfully for more than two years.

     “In the highly-specialized field of public-use aircraft, we are very pleased have the expertise of Roger Crow,” said Tom Peghiny, president of Flight Design USA. “Naturally, we are interested to sell airplanes for such practical purposes as this but engaging in the process requires someone who knows the procedures, language, and proper use of the equipment. Roger Crow fills that role perfectly.”

    In the central U.S., Crow and Flight Design USA coordinate with their distributor Airtime Aviation, perhaps the nation’s top seller of light aircraft. Airtime is located nearby in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been very active since the start of Light-Sport Aircraft. FMI:  http://www.airtimeaviationus.com/



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