Oshkosh AirVenture Telegram

This week Flight Design is actively participating at annual Oshkosh AirVenture event  running in USA.  The attendance at our booth for visitors started Sunday before the show even opened on Monday. The Flight Design  press conference was on Tuesday the 29th. Sunday August 3th will be the last day.

At the AirVenture 2014 press conference, that was well attended by interested media, LSA market leader Flight Design unveiled news about the newest CTLSi Light-Sport Aircraft with the Garmin G3X, called the Vision Touch for the CTLS series. Flight Design will also deliver the Dynon SkyView Touch system this Fall. Flight Design announced that testing on the CTLSi with 912iS Sport has been completed and the improved takeoff acceleration, climb and cruise performance of the Sport version has been confirmed.  

Flight Design with a strong U.S. presence has created significant attention for the C4 model and as officially announced the new three-door, four seater will make its first flight later this year. It remains on track to offer impressive performance and a broad number of features for only $250,000 / 220,000 €. The world debut of the C4 proof of concept prototype brought great interest from the assembled press and showed that the C4 program is really about to take off.   

Safety has also received unusual focus from Flight Design. Besides the standard equipment whole airplane parachute system, Flight Design has worked with the German government and many leading technical groups to build a "Safety Box" system to protect occupants. The methods discovered will be made available to all brands, however, Flight Design is the launch customer for this concept.

Flight Design is also very pleased to acknowledge its work with charitable organization Able Flight in helping disabled military veterans and others to learn to fly in a specially equipped CTLSi with hand controls that can be operated by persons who have lost the use of their legs.

Finally, the Flight Design team was proud to announce the Technical Director, Oliver Reinhardt was honored by the standards organization ASTM, receiving their prestigious President's Award for 2014.
All in all, AirVenture 2014 is in full swing now already reflecting a large success and signals continued strength and growth for the overall market and for Flight Design. 
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