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Full Motion Flight Simulator For Flight Design CTLS

South Woodstock, CONNECTICUT / July 26, 2010 — Full motion flight simulators are invaluable training aids, a fact long realized by those who train jet pilots. The idea works for light planes, too, but the price was simply unaffordable for most flight schools. Now, in association with Iowa Flight Training, Flight Design is pleased to announce Dreamflyer™ to deliver a full-motion flight simulator at a Light-Sport price point.

“Dreamflyer™ delivers the most extraordinary recreational experience at a price the armchair pilot can afford,” said company officials. “The pilot-lead and pilot-induced roll and pitch oscillation is interpreted by the brain to perceive the feeling of flight.” The Canadian product is represented in America by Iowa Flight Training. Flight Design provides customized CTLS software.

Flight Design has developed highly realistic simulator software for the CTLS aircraft based on the popular X-Plane platform for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Panel layouts and flight characteristics are said to be very true to the actual Light-Sport Aircraft. Dreamflyer™ is able to use this existing flight simulation software to enhance the simulation experience for basic maneuvering practice, instrumentation practice, solo flights, and even virtual competitions.

“Since Dreamflyer™ needs only a three foot by six foot footprint any flight school has space to locate this break-though piece of equipment,” said John Gilmore, National Sales Manager for Flight Design USA. “We’ve been working on the X-Plane software for more than a year and now we can add full-motion reality to the Flight Design Pilot Center experience.”

Using a deceptively simple yet clever mechanism, Dreamflyer™ captures the motion based on simple gravitational movements of the chair initiated by the user in response to the views on the screen. By using gravitational force to generate motions, Dreamflyer™ eliminates the need  and costly maintenance for hydraulics and motors. Retail price for a ready-to-use Dreamflyer™ with computer, X-Plane software for CTLS, based on a single monitor set-up is $6,000 in the continental U.S. and Canada. An optional three-monitor assembly kit is available for an additional $199. Dreamflyer™ was selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Electronic Gaming product category.

The Flight Design CTLS is a modern, all-carbon-fiber Light-Sport Aircraft with a wide, comfortable cabin with unparalleled visibility; flying 135 mph for 850 nautical miles using only 5 gallons per hour.  A full glass panel, Garmin radio stack, and a BRS airframe parachute are all standard equipment. Flight Design LSA are backed with a nationwide service network, next-day parts availability and an established company serving more than 1,500 airplanes worldwide. Surveyed owners express high customer satisfaction. 


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FLIGHT DESIGN CONTACT:  John Gilmore, national sales manager of Flight Design USA at 612-759-2252 (email: jgilmore@flightdesignusa.com) or Flight Design USA in Connecticut at 860-963-7272

DREAMFLYER™ CONTACT:  Tim Busch, President of Iowa Flight Training (www.IowaFlightTraining.com) at 319-373-3971 (email: Info@IowaFlightTraining.com); 3435 Beech Way SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


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