New Plane Touches Down in Port Macquarie
The German-made composite structure Flight Design CTLS touched down at Port Macquarie Airport on Thursday after a five-hour flight from Kyneton in Victoria.
The Flight Design CTLS will be used for advanced training and cross country flying.
Hastings District Flying Club president Rob Davison said the Flight Design CTLS was a high performance light sport aircraft.
It has been the top selling light sport aircraft in the US for several years.
“We have a lot of members who want to hire an aircraft for trips and they will have this aircraft available,” he said.
The Flight Design CTLS has more complex systems than the club’s other plane, the yellow foxbat, and is suitable for advanced training.
The distributor flew the plane to Port Macquarie and briefed flying club instructors about the aircraft.
The flying club has been waiting for the Flight Design CTLS for more than 12 months due to its popularity. This is the 21st aircraft which the Hastings District Flying Club has owned since its foundation in 1958.
The club, which operates a recreational aviation flying school as one of its functions, has a hangar and clubhouse at Port Macquarie Airport.
Mr Davison said the club’s members enjoyed flying for pleasure.
“There is a trend towards recreational flying,” he said.
“We find there is a lot of older people coming back to flying and a lot of people are getting into recreational flying because it’s more affordable than general aviation flying.”
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