Vmin minimum speed (flaps 0º)
 65 km/h IAS*
 US-LSA 44 kts IAS
 VCR: cruising speed (green arc)
 240 km/h IAS*
 US-LSA 120 kts IAS
 VC 75%: with 912S (75% = 80 PS)
 240 km/h IAS*
 US-LSA 112 kts
 VNE: max.permissible airspeed
 (red line):
 301 km/h IAS*

 US-LSA 145 kts

 Take-off run
 90 m
 300 ft
 Take-off distance over 15m obstacle
 160 m
 762 ft
 Max. range with 130l (34 Gallons) @180 km/h (97 kts)(30 min reserve)
 2.000 km
 1.000 Nm
*Km/h data for German Version with 472,5 kg MTOW.
Kts data for US-LSA version with 1320 lbs MTOW.
Values are for ICAO standard atmosphere with non adjustable fixed pitch propeller
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