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The Flight Design CTLE

  The Flight Design, Composite Technology Law Enforcement (CTLE) airplane was developed from the Composite Technology Light Sport (CTLS) airplane design, but with an enhanced wing and electrical system designed to support law enforcement payloads.
  The wings have a hard point and wiring harness for surveillance payloads as well as optional wing tip wig-wag/landing lights.
   An auxiliary generator is standard equipment on-board the CTLE to support the additional power requirements of the electronic systems. With short field take-off and landing capabilities on hard or soft surfaces, 6 hours of loiter time and low stall speeds, the CTLE is an excellent surveillance and communications platform.
    Shown in the pictures N202TB “Talking Bird” is equipped with a UTC Aerospace Systems Cloud Cap Technology TASE 200 EO and IR camera, a Cappuccino computer processor, an iKey keyboard and a 8.4″ video display from Digital System Engineering. The Dynon SkyView 10″ flight displays includes synthetic vision, autopilot and traffic avoidance among its many features. The Garmin “AERA 560” allows for additional space on the instrument panel to install law enforcement radios.




— Dual controls, conventional, three axis
— Three axis trim, optional electric pitch trim 
— Electronic flap control with pre-selection switch
— Airframe ballistic recovery system included (suitable for MTOW 600)


Large window area provides excellent visibility
Attractive and durable two-tone interior
Spacious cabin comfortable for large and tall occupants
Large gullwing doors for easy entry/exit
Adjustable seats with 4-point restraint harnesses
“Safety Cell” Kevlar cockpit design


High quality polyurethane exterior finish
Rugged composite landing gear with superior damping ability
Hydraulic disc brakes – Optional Tundra tires
Steerable nose wheel
110 lbs luggage capacity – 55 lbs each side plus storage shelf


• 100–hp Rotax 912S with slipper clutch and 2.000hrs. TBO
• Slipper clutch
• 1352 c.c. 10.5 : 1 compression ratio
• Gearbox: 2.43 : 1 reduction ratio
• Fuel: Premium unleaded auto fuel or 100 LL Avgas
• 100–hp Rotax 912iS with electric fuel injection and 2.000hrs. TBO
• Slipper clutch
• 1352 c.c. 10.5 : 1 compression ratio
• Gearbox: 2.43 : 1 reduction ratio
• Fuel: Premium unleaded auto fuel or 100 LL Avgas

Depending on your specific requirements and preferences, choose either the well–proven, industry– standard Rotax 912ULS, developing a reliable 100 hp with twin carburetors, or the new fuel–injected, Rotax 912iS, featuring a robust 100 hp with the fuel–air mixture precisely computer– controlled for ultra–smooth power delivery, more even and useful torque, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. The 912iS modern fuel– injection also results in surer, easier starts, lower maintenance and lower operating costs all the way to its 2000 hour TBO.



The TASE Series

• Includes inertial sensors & GPS receiver for stand-alone operation.
• All gimbals provide 2-axis inertial stabilization.
• ViewPoint control application provides full-featured gimbal control, video display/recording, and moving-map interface.
• Advanced features include geo-pointing, object tracking, scene tracking and steering, real time mosaic capability and simulation/training interfaces.
• Common software for all gimbal options with joystick, keyboard, or touch-screen control.
• Terrain aware geo-location of image center

 The OTUS-L170

Gyro stabilised dual sensor gimbal provides outstanding performance in one of the most lightweight systems.
• One of the smallest gimbals on the market
• All electronics embedded inside the unit
• Outstanding stability thanks to high bandwidth direct drive torque motors
• Complete 3 dimensional IMU mounted on the optical bench
• Built-in laser range finder for geo-location and geo positioning
• Optional digital video interface
• Optional fully integrated video  auto-tracker
• Computational capacity for optional vehicle navigation and control

Optional gimbal integrated features:

• Custom designed camera house
• Geo-positioning
• Geo-location
• Video auto-tracker
• Digital video interface
• Extended range finder range
• Vehicle navigation and control


• Fast, comfortable, ideal flight characteristics
• >90% Carbon Kevlar composite structure – high tech, strong, lightweight
• 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS engine – auto fuel or 100LL avgas – 3 to 6 GPH
• Typical Empty Weight 770 lbs. – large useful load
• Carbon Kevlar “Safety Cell” cabin structure – increased safety margin
• Roomy cabin – accommodates large, fully-equipped crew
• Gullwing doors – easy entry/exit
• Strutless, cantilevered wing – unobstructed horizontal & vertical view
• Airframe parachute recovery system & 4-point harness restraints


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