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The Flight Design CT Supralight

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The Flight Design CTSL Supralight was designed by Flight Design’s engineers to get the maximum inflight performance, the highest useful load and the most enjoyment in an affordable aircraft that meets the current European Ultralight definitions. With 3 choices of Rotax engines and numerous advanced avionics packages, you can optimize your CTSL for your kind of flying!

The CTSL Supralight takes the performance and utility of the CTSW and many of the design features from the CTLS for an optimized variant that is an LTF and DGA UL compliant aircraft but was designed and tested to the 600 kg limits of the ASTM SLSA category. This gives the opportunity for you to benefit should the UL regulations change.                   

— A real Ultralight aircraft, great for club ownership and training;
— Lightly-equipped, empty weight of only 279.5 kg!
— 80–hp Rotax 912, 2000 hrs. TBO
— 100–hp Rotax 912S, 2000 hrs. TBO
— 100–hp Rotax 912iS with digital fuel injection and 2000 hrs. TBO
— 115–hp Rotax 914T with turbocharger, boost control unit and 2000 hrs. TBO
— Many advanced avionics choices and equipment packages available
— Approved for Glider and banner towing
— 472.5 kg class, with LTF and DGA ultralight certification and complies with many other national airworthiness requirements
— Designed and tested to 600 kg MTOW, certified weight 472.5 kg
— Airframe emergency parachute standard equipment
— Single beam composite landing gear with improved damping characteristics



– Dual controls, conventional, three axis;
– Three axis trim available;
– Electronic flap control with pre-selection switch;
– Airframe emergency parachute included
(suitable for MTOW 472,5 kg, tested to 600 kg).


– High quality exterior finish;
– Single beam composite “No-bounce” main gear;
– Hydraulic disc brakes and qualified tires;
– Steerable nose wheel;
– Large baggage capacity. 


– Over-the-nose visibility of a helicopter and expansive side windows;
– Attractive interior color selection;
– Wide and comfortable cabin;
– Large gullwing doors;
– Adjustable seats with 4-point harness;
– Many technologically advanced panel options.


– Rotax 912 UL (80 hp) engine, TBO 2000 hrs;
– Optional 912 ULS (100 hp), TBO 2000 hrs;
– 115–hp Rotax 914T with turbocharger, turbo boost control unit and 2000 hrs. TBO ;
– 100–hp Rotax 912iS with digital fuel injection and 2000 hrs. TBO
– Two blade ground adjustable composite propeller;
– Optional three-blade and Constant Speed control;
– Weight optimized and rugged fuel and air intake system;
– Wing located fuel tanks with 130 liters total fuel capacity; 
– Light weight and effective tank venting.



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