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         Flight Design experienced excellent response during the annual Oshkosh AirVenture event in Oshkosh Wisconsin, in the heartland of the USA. This year’s event featured record attendance of people and airplane (550,000 and over 10,000 respectively). Attendance at our booths 83-86 for visitors started on Monday and grew daily and was strong until the last day of event on Sunday July 26th.

        This year on Flight Design`s display were the most popular fuel-injected CTLSi models kindly provided by Light Sport Aviation of Daytona, Florida and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lavy of New Carlisle, Ohio.  A CTLS SkyView was provided Steven Blough of Apex, NC. The planes were under Flight Designs Sun Shade system which makes standing for hours in the sun answering questions much more tolerable! Thank you to those who brought their planes to the show.
           The full scale interior mock-up of the currently-in-development four-seat Flight Design C4 was presented at the entrance along with a Continental IO-360AF (Alternate fuels) display engine provided by Continental Aero engines.  A video featuring the test flights of the C4 proof of concept prototype and the new C4 interior design concepts and a Safety Box graphic display rounded out the tent display. The video is available on the website.   
       The Flight Design press conference on Tuesday the 21st was as usual well attended by the worlds aviation media and mainly devoted to the latest progress of the new C4 four-seat General Aviation aircraft which made it`s first flight right before AERO earlier in the year. The media was updated about progress on the C4 test program and conforming design work aimed to achieve EASA certification in mid-2016.
      Oliver Reinhardt, Flight Design Head of Airworthiness informed the media about the development of the innovative “Safety Box” cabin safety system being developed by Industry, Academia and German Ministry of Economic Affairs. Flight Design CEO Matthias Betsch discussed the progress made on the U.S. FAA Part 23 re-write, positive changes to CS-23 and the coordination and contribution of worldwide Civil Aviation Authorities to the mutual airworthiness standards of the FAA and EASA.
        Tom Peghiny, President of Flight Design USA, Flight Design has reported about the success of the of the AeroJones Aviation CTLS production facility in Xiamen, China recently audited and certified by CAAC. Plans showing the giant new AeroJones production facility in  the city of Changzhou for the CTLS and C4 were displayed for the first time.  Tom also spoke about the success of the current CTLSi and Law Enforcement CTLE products in the USA and new products offered by Flight Design OEM partners.
     Later in the week, a visit was made to the booth by the FAA staff and administrator Mr. Michael Huerta as part of Technology Tour of manufacturers presenting at Airventure. Both Matthias Betsch and Oliver Reinhardt spoke about cooperation between the FAA and EASA on light aircraft certification standards.  A video interview by the FAA of Matthias and Oliver was done the next day to follow up on the cooperation theme and what they see as the future of Light Aircraft development and certification.
AirVenture 2015 was again a great success and we are grateful for the opportunity to show the continued growth for the LSA market internationally and for Flight Design.

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